Thursday, July 18, 2013


Here are some more photos we took in Las vegas. It was a magical time seeing all the decor at the hotels.

Did You Know ?    The favorite pizza toppings in Germany are sauerkraut and onions. "Yeck"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We just returned from a weeks stay in Las Vegas. WOW. The city that never sleeps. We stayed at The Monte Carlo hotel. I have never seen such a busy place. Usually when you go to sign up for a room it does not take too long. Not here. The line up had about 150 other people waiting in line to get their room keys. The room is similar to a basic hotel room. I think you can upgrade to a more opulent room but we didn't know. I would have complained about the ice machine out of service all week, on our floor (about 100 rooms) but the line up for the concierge desk was always lined up. Nevertheless the people working there were very nice. We had a ton of fun in the casino. The complementary tickets we got from the airlines,West Jet, were the best. They were for the Cirque du Soleil show, Beatles Love. Words cannot express how great this performance is. MAGNIFICO!!! Karen and I were completely in awe. Wish we could have taken pictures but were not allowed. We highly recommend this excellant performance.  

Did You Know?...... The surface of Venus has been better mapped than the sea beds of earth.                                                  

Monday, February 11, 2013


I was jusr about to start reading an old "Western" paperback book when this coupon fell out of the pages. It was probably used by the last reader as a page marker. I recognized this coupon because I saw them when they first came out in 1971. It is interesting to see that if you purchased $3.00 worth of fuel you would receive a coupon. When you had 4 coupons you would turn them in to get a 9 ounce "Old Fashioned" glass. WOW!! Three dollars of gas at that time was equal to about 10 gallons. Nowadays three dollars will get you about one half gallon. The times they are a changing.

Did You Know ?  A man's brain is 2% of his body weight and a woman's is 2.5% ? Is there a hidden meaning in this maybe?

Trivia: Sharks cannot swim backwards. (They never met my ex.)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


In 1983 I was entered into the Chedoke Hospital Evaluation Centre in Hamilton, Ontario for a six week program. They would put me in different work situations to evaluate what I would be good at when and if I entered the work force again. I had been in a severe car accident in September of 1980, ( May 27th posting ) and had sold my Dempsters Bread franchise as I could no longer do the extreme physical work it entailed. I stayed in a motel for the duration and would return home on the weekends. While in Hamilton I would go to various eateries for my meals. One night I decided to have my supper at a restraunt in this big hotel. As I was dining I noticed two young women continually looking at me. I was a little self conscious because in the past several years I've had a lot of "plastic surgery" and dental work. I had also done a lot of exercise and weightlifting to come back to a bit over 200 pounds from 135 pounds. Anyway the next thing I knew these two women were at my table and asked me if I would give them an autograph. I told them that I didn't know why they would want one. They said that they knew that the Hamilton Tiger Cat football team was staying in this hotel and that by the looks and size of me I must be one. I told them that I was not a player and did not want to fool them. They were sorry that they had made the mistake and bothered me. I informed them that they had not bothered me but instead had paid me a great compliment. After they left I sat with my coffee and had a smile from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat, but not a Tiger Cat. I was on the road to recovery.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Remember when we used to go pop bottle collecting so that we could get a few cents to buy penny candies. I do. A friend of mine from California recently reminded me of the times when we would walk along the sides of well travelled roads searching for bottles that were thrown from car windows. Two cents was the worth of each bottle. Five bottles would pay for a chocolate bar or 20 blackballs. Mountain Dew bottles were a favorite back then in the 1950's and 60's. I came across this bottle a few weeks ago at a Flea market. A lot of us kids bought this pop because of the silly commercials on TV. This is for you Bobby of California. This bottle was filled by Jim and Clara.

Trivia:   Question; What is a natal cleft?
            Answer: The medical term for butt-crack.

Did you know?  When prospector Ed Schieffelin told a soldier he wanted to prospect for silver in an area controlled by Apaches, the soldier laughed and told him the only thing he'd find there was his own tombstone. When he found a giant vein of silver in 1878, Schieffelin named the mining camp Tombstone to spite the soldier. That is how Tombstone, Arizona came to be named.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Just thought I would update some pictures of our home and gardens. We didn't want the usual layout that people do, such as placing flower gardens around the border of the property. Sometimes you just have to go "out of the box". Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Trivia: There are 15 Starbucks coffee shops in O'Hare International Airport. There are only 6 in all of South Dakota.

Did You Know?   The original Starbucks logo featured a mermaid with naked breasts. (almost makes you want to get addicted to caffeine)