Friday, March 25, 2011


Music to soothe the savage breast, or beast. When I was about twelve years old my father had me clean , sweep, empty ashtrays and brush off the barber chairs in his barbershop in Georgetown. Two of my older brothers worked with him in the shop so there were three chairs. My earnings for that chore was $1 per week. Not bad pay for a kid in 1963. Heck, it cost a dime for a large ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen across the street. That's ten per week if I so desired. Anyway,  I'll get back to my topic. One night the radio was still on and as I was sweeping a song came on that stopped me in my tracks. It was "Johnny Angel". Well I sat back in one of those barber chairs, tilted it back and layed there thoroughly enjoying the melodic voice of  Shelley Fabares. I fell in love. Not with Shelley {even though my heart beats a little faster when I see her on TV} but with the music. That radio stayed on in shop every time I did my chore. Shortly after that Ed Sullivan introduced America to the Beatles. My father did not like their music or their hair. That figures because he was 40 years older than me. I think I noticed my precious little Mom tapping her toes though. Anyways, a few weeks later the music store at the plaza,"Wigos", had an event whereby the first ten people in his store on Saturday would receive a 45rpm record of the Beatles hit " She loves you, yea, yea ,yea". {kind of ironic since that is the song Karen and my lawyers sang to us at our wedding} Again I digress. I was the first in line that Saturday. Not because I loved the Beatles but because something told me this was important. By the time the store opened I had been shuffled back to eight in line by the bigger kids. I got my 45 { thats what we called them} and wish to this day that I had kept it . When you had a record in those times you needed a " middle". That I did keep. Dumb eh?

Trivia: There are no rhymes in the English language for orange, silver or purple. A colorful thought.

Did You Know? The Iberian ribbed newt, found in Morocco, Portugal and Spain, has sharply pointed ribs that it can stick through its sides to protect against predators. Neat eh?

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