Sunday, March 27, 2011


Cheap jewellery ,Yes. But they were worth their weight in gold when you gave them to a girl you were infatuated with in grade two to grade four. It was a joy to watch whoever wore them , how they would move their hand to watch the "flicker". Quite similar to how my pretty wife, Karen, wriggled her finger after I gave her a "real" ring. Again and again and again. I was very thankful that there are only ten fingers until women started wearing them on their toes. NOW I'M SCARED. Anyway, the rings pictured are a 1960's Tarzan  flicker ring , 1960's Man From U.N.C.L.E.flicker ring  and a 1960's Popeye-Wimpey flicker ring. Another ring pictured is a 1950's toy metal saddle ring. A great collector item. The last ring is an old [1950's] Romper Room Do Bee Ring. These rings were given to lucky children who appeared on the Romper Room TV show. Engraved on the ring is "I am a Romper Room Do Bee". I watched this show as a child and always waited for the magical time when the Host would look through her magnifying glass and rhyme off names of children she saw. "Romper stomper bomper boo, tell me ,tell me, tell me true. I see Sally, I see John, I see Alice, etc, etc ,etc." My name , Peter, never came up. It was on early in the morning so I was usually still in my underwear eating Tony the Tiger's, " Frrrrroossted Flaaaakes." Even after I made sure I was properly clothed ,my name never came up. Oh well. Back to " Captain Kangaroo "and "Mr Bluejeans".

Trivia: Hellen Keller could identify her friends by their individual odors. (Psst, I have some friends I can identify that way too)

Did You Know? In 2009, a court banned 84 year-old Luba Relic of Warriewood, New South Wales, Australia, from driving until the year 3000.

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