Sunday, March 27, 2011


Or ,is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Almost every young boy dreamt of being a gunfighter. Me included. To this day my best reading companion is a western by none other than the best fiction writer of this genre. LOUIS L'AMOUR. His morals and principles ,transmitted by his writing style, are for the "good guys". My wish is that I would have been steered to his writings earlier in life than just the past ten years. Good morals. Great reading. As a child the gun in my use was usually a bent stick. Me and my "pardners" would run around shouting "bang ,bang  you're dead". In response "no I'm not, its your turn to be dead". I think we fell down "dead" about a hundred times a day. Man, that was fun.
Pictured is a 1950's gun and holster set in remarkable condition. Cap guns brought more authenticity to our play times. Personaly I feel that playing with toy guns as a child did not make me want to rob or actually kill anyone. But I am not opposed to others that feel differently about the subject.
The other picture is of me on one of the days that I actually tried to dress for the part.

Trivia: The Lone Ranger was the first TV show ever to be shown in reruns. Hi ho Silver, Awaaaay!

Did You Know?  Zeke, a cat in New Jersey, had surgery to remove more than a years accumulation of ribbons, hair ties, twist ties and other junk from his stomach which had grown to five times its normal size.

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