Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hi. My name is Peter. I am a "baby boomer". There is no 12 step program that can help me so I am stuck with the memories of a golden era in time. If some genie could grant me the wish to be born in any year of my choosing it would still be the year of my birth, 1951. Ahh the 50's. I remember it well. That's a good sign. It means my mental faculties are still hitting on all cylinders. What I would like to share, with whoever reads this, are my thoughts, my memories, things collected over the years. So tighten your seat belts and hang on 'cause we are going on a trip that may be rocky and then again it may be slow. Lets start with toys. Yes ,chidrens toys. If you were thinking of something else then you are on the wrong blog.

 This is an airport limosine car of the 50's. It is a little beat up and chipped but you have to picture all the little hands that pushed , propelled, and yes even threw this toy over its life span to date. It is now retired and sits in comfort next to all its other toy friends.I believe this car has made children happy in its days.
Until next time, take care.  
Trivia: Eyes change colour after death, usually to a greenish-brown.

Did You Know? Brazilian police discovered inmates training and raising homing pigeons within Danilo Pinheiro Prison, Soracaba, for the purpose of smuggling contraband. Guards intercepted two pigeons carrying cell phones and chargers to the detainees.

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