Monday, March 28, 2011


In the early 1960's model companies were taking a big risk by foraying into a new type of assemble and paint model kit. For years children and adults bought model kits of cars, planes, boats and spaceships. To me they were BORING. But now there were the "Weird-ohs". Fascinating! This was a great conversation item for us kids. I could not buy them because my overly, fanaticly religious father would not allow it. He was not really a fun guy to be around. Now that I can do what I want, I am making up for the things that as a child I was not allowed to do. As kids we would purchase a model car or plane ,slap the Testors paint on it and begin to assemble the kit before it was dry. My goodness. We were so very impatient. Now as an adult I appreciate the differance that taking your time on a project can make. After having lost the vision in my right eye over 30 years ago in a car accident{ tell you about that another day} I am not the best artist by a long shot. I did what I've told my kids over the years.Try it. This model is called MAMA B. and BABY. Enjoy.
Trivia: In 1977 American car makers recalled more vehicles than they produced.

Did You Know? A man in Boynton Beach, Florida, received more than 50 traffic citations from police in one day on February 5th, 2009. (What I would call a repeat offender)

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