Friday, March 25, 2011


In 2007, Georgetown {my hometown} had a town and High School Reunion. My last full year of school was 1969 so I thought it only fitting to drive there in our 1969 Plymouth Fury 1 { a terrific gift from my wife Karen}and stay for  the weekend with  her. She could get to see the people that shared my youthful days at school and around town. Some of my friends that had moved out as I did even returned from Alberta. It was fantastic. It was good to catch up on how things went over the years for them. It was also very sad to find out that some of the great friends were no longer alive. It is shocking to find out that some of the girls I dated were gone. Also some of my Amigos. They are missed very much. It was also a time for me to right a wrong that was done to me when I was 14. In grade 9 we had wrestling for phys ed .{short for physical education} I was definitely not a "Hulk Hogan" type but I sure was long and lean {in other words I was SKINNY}. Well it turned out that the one kid that teased me the most {I'll call him Tom}, I ended up beating him in a wrestling practice at night in the school auditorium. He wanted REVENGE. He couldn't do it himself so he got his friend Bill to punch me in the mouth as I opened the school door to go home. Every school has a Bill. He is the type of person , because of his size, that is a bully. I was 5 foot 11 inches, 140 punds. Bill was well over 6 feet and about 190 pounds. The song "Big John" was a hit at that time so I wished I was his size{ he stood 6 foot six and weighed 245, Big Bad John, Big John]. Well it just so happened that over 38 years and due to the very physical work I had done along with lifting some weights I was now 6 foot six and weighed 255 pounds. Bigger than Big John. I made it known that if we came across Bill I wanted an apology. Wouldn't you know it . We found him. I almost crapped my pants. I felt like David against Goliath. How could this be? He grew into a King Kong size. He was not only taller but still had me beat by about 80 pounds. Someone smirked when they asked me if I was still going to ask for an apology. I hate smirks so I had a fast prayer to all the gods{wasn't taking a chance} and approached him as he was speaking to some of his aquaintances. I introduced myself and told him that he had punched me in the face for his friend Tom. I did ask for an apology and braced myself for the inevitable onslaught of his ham sized gorilla fist. His right arm came up and he then gently placed it on my left shoulder. He said," I don't remember hitting you but thats because I smacked a lot of guys back then for the hell of it. As for Tom I can't stand him. And as for you ,I'm sorry, and I apologize." I thanked him and we had a very pleasant chat. I might have farted a bit but I did not crap my pants. Just then a pal of Bill's asked him if he was "carrying" today. It turns out that Bill is a "Special Ops" police officer and "carrying" means that he can have a concealed weapon on his person any time. Not just when he is on the job. I think the next thing I said was,"Honey, lets go see whats going on in the auditorium. Lets hurry."
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Trivia: Streetlamps in Hershey, Pennsylvania, are shaped like chocolate kisses. Neat eh?

Did You Know? Seventy per cent of the Land Rover all-terrain vehicles-first built in the United Kingdom in 1948 are still on the road.

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