Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well ,that's how the song goes and helps me to segue into todays item. We don't have want for many things these days. We take a lot of things for granted. That is why it is always good to remember times of not only what we want but what we need. Want and need. Two completely different words ,yet a lot of times they are used in the same context. I want a Porche but that is because I need transportation. So a Chevy will suffice. If not , then a bike. When worse comes to worse we'll walk. During the past wars there has always been a shortage of items. There was restriction on how much gas you could purchase. Lots of food shortages. If there was any metals that were not in use they were given to the "war Machine" to build tanks, planes, weapons and bombs. To make things fair for the population the governments of many English speaking countries made and distributed what were called "tokens". Made of metal to last. When given to a merchant ,he knew by the color and size how much meat or bread you could buy that week. No more. This is a" meat "token from the 2nd World War. Remember. Lest we forget.

Trivia: What do U.S. presidents Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan have in common? They were all members of the NRA [National Rifle Association---and they were all shot.

Did You Know?  In December 2008, a reef shark at a Bahamas resort jumped from its aquarium, landed on a nearby waterslide, slid down to the swimming pool and surprised the staff and guests. ( I would have left a yellow streak in the pool as I evacuated.)

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