Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1962. What a year that was for us boys. Some genious thought up the idea to produce pictures of cars and airplanes and insert them in plastic wheels. Whenever you bought a bag of Hostess potato chips (10 cents) or a Jell-o pudding or jelly product , there would be a picture wheel in each one. The car wheels start with the Cugnot of 1769 and end with Volvo of 1961. The airplane wheels began with Daedalus of B.C. and ended with the Hovercraft of 1961. When you sent 50 cents to General Foods ltd they would send you a Collecter Stand. On the weekends us boys would get together to see what each of us had collected that week and then we would trade for wheels we needed. It was great fun . I still remember to this day how hard it was for me to collect my last airplane picture wheel. Number 187 (a complete set had 200 wheels)The AEROCAR. When I finally got it I felt like a great accomplishment had been done. The drawback to this collecting was that us kids didn't eat chips or jello for quite awhile. Every penny of our allowance at that time went to buying potato chips. The Hostess and Jell-o companies must have made a fortune. I have both sets and the advertisement from the Star Weekly that promoted the wheels but the best item received by me are the memories. Greatly treasured.

Question: What do Eskimos use for toothpicks?
Answer: Walrus whiskers

Did You Know?  A bottle with a note inside thrown into the ocean in 1969 off the coast of New Jersey was discovered 39 years later- just 400 miles (645km) away in Corolla, North Carolina.

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