Friday, April 1, 2011


There is a great age differance between me and my older brothers. In 1955, when this lunch box was made I was an impressionable 4 year old brat. I would sit and marvel at the pictures on the front ,the back, and the sides. One of my siblings would take it to work with him everyday. This fellow "Davy Crockett", must be important because he was on the Walt Disney show on TV. Boy, when I grow up this is going to be my lunch box. Time passes by as it always does , and then decades, until one day the thought pops into your head," I wonder what happened to that cool lunch pail with ,"What's his name on the front?" After doing some research we found that this is the most sought after lunch pail ever. More years pass and then on Christmas morning of 2008, there it was. My lovely wife, Karen, had found one and made sure that Santa would  send it down the chimney. It looks as though this lunch pail has done its duty over the past fifty-some years. Enjoy. In my Blog I also have the "Bonanza" Lunch Box and the "Gunsmoke" Lunch Box.

Trivia: The first food product permitted by law to have artificial coloring is butter. (It's really white)

Did You Know?  Jonathan, a tortoise living on St. Helena Island, is estimated to be over 176 years old. The earliest photo of him, standing beside a Boer War prisoner dates back more than 100 years.

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