Saturday, April 9, 2011


My next door neighbours little son, Bobby, had a sand box in his yard. It was always jam packed with tiny cars, trucks and airplanes. He was 5 ,I was about 9 or ten. Every week he would have more new "dinky toys". He would always correct me by saying that they were Corgi's not "dinky toys". His parents were British and the father worked at Avro.(It had something to do with jets, I think.) Having no "dinky toys "of my own I was always nice to little Bobby so I could play with his. Three of these toys are older than the "Monkee Mobile" on the left. It was from the mid 1960's. As you can see they have been played with for a long time. Dinky Toys are todays' Hot Wheels. UPDATE: Davey Jones, lead singer for the Monkees died on February 29th 2012 of a heart attack. He was 66 years old.

Trivia: The Three Stooges appeared in more movies than any other comedy team in U.S. histoy. Nyuck, Nyuck.

Did You Know?   A new fish species has been discovered that bounces on the ocean floor like a rubber ball. The psychedlic dogfish, which was discovered off the coast of Indonesia in 2008, bounces around in a haphazard manner because its tail is off-center and because it propels itself forward jerkily by expelling water from tiny gill openings.

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