Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Karen, my lovely wife, is terrific when it comes to doing crafts. She has done sewing ( she made Flower Girl dresses for two of our daughters when we got married ),needlrpoint, cross stitch, painting and quilts. She is very good at whatever she does. Well I opened my big mouth one day and said a man can do these things just as well. I had heard that footballer Rosie Greer did some sort of needlework to relax. So she dared me to try some craft and put my money where my mouth is. Foolish, stubborn me, I accepted and chose needlepoint. Not just a little one but two big ones. After all how much work could it be. I'd have them done in a week or so. NOT. I worked on them in my spare time and it still took me a few years to complete them. Now I don't open my big mouth when it comes down to what men can do as well as women. Sometimes us guys should just sit there and agree and nod our head before we bite of a bit more than we can chew..These are pics of my two ventures into womens crafts. They are nice but you have to have patience to get them done and a lot of us fellas don't have that. One picture is called " The Letter" (20 by 26 inches) and I named the other "After The Hunt" (21 by 17 inches).
Trivia: According to most pollsters, it's easier to get a person to disclose intimate details about their private life than it is to get them to tell you how much money they earn.

Did You Know?   More than 60 years after being wounded by a mortar shell in WWII John Ready of London, England, still had pieces of shrapnel working their way out of his skin.

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