Saturday, April 16, 2011


These are "Kissing Kupple" bobbing heads. Sometimes they were glued to the dashboards of cars so that as the car bounced along the road  the heads would move around as if they were "necking". The heads have magnets so that the lips of each keep coming together. Reminds me of my wife and I.The girls we dated thought they were cute. Us guys needed all the points we could muster up.
The packaged set sold for 29 cents in 1965. The other couple are older but I do not know by how much. They are still fondly remembered.

Trivia:  First actor to refuse an Oscar award was Marlon Brando (for The Godfather in 1973)

Question: Why don't people eat turkey eggs?
Answer: They don't "eggs-actly" taste good. They do not have as much moisture in them so that when they are heated they turn rubbery. Just thought you might like to know since the photos above are about rubbernecking.

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