Sunday, April 10, 2011


This was a cigarette case made during World War 1. It was named the KleverKase. Holds 10 ciggies. Made of nickel and silver. The initials on the front are DSH and the emblem in the corner says ,NAVY LEAGUE KEEP WATCH. The item is passe but it meant something to the owner. Probably spent his enlisted time in the naval armed forces. Time marches on but we should never forget.


Trivia: A group of unicorns is called a "blessing".(You'd have to be pretty blessed to see such a thing.)
Did You Know?   The sunflower starfish grows to a diameter of more than 3 feet (1m) across and has around 15,000 tube feet on the underside of its body. (He needs 7,500 pair of tube socks then) 

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