Saturday, April 2, 2011



Many of lifes greatest treasures are the little things that we do for those we cherish and adore. I appreciate the cup of tea Karen has ready for me every morning. I love the fact that my bath is drawn and awaits my immersion. She washes, irons and puts my clothes away. She tries out different recipes for meal times.( I wonder sometimes, if I am just a guinea pig.) Her dark tresses of hair are always stylishly coifed and her nails are perfectly trimmed and coloured. She appreciates that I drive to where she works on her coffee break  with a beverage (hot chocolate, coffee or pop depending on the days temperature) and donut or cookie. She loves the fact that I am not a complete slob . I always help with dishes, do a goodly portion of cooking, repair things around the house and do the grocery shopping. If a lot of people took a moment to sit back and ponder the things their signifigant other does for them they may appreciate them more. I sure do. Karen keeps a lot of little reminders of our past in this box. Even the notes and letters I have written over the many years. They are worth more than diamonds or gold to her. I'm lucky.
But getting back to my wifes painting of her nails (fingers and toes) this menagerie of bottles is what takes up a great bit of space in our medicine cabinet . Its a nice thing that we are not ill too much or we wouldn't have room for any medicinal concoctions. Gotta go now . I have to put all these bottles back and hope they weren't in any special, colour coordinated  order. Bye now.

Trivia: Beauty fact: Most lipsticks contain fish scales.

Did You Know?  Of nearly 300 athletes who took part in the first Winter Olympics, held in Chamonix, France, in 1925, just 13 were women-and they were only allowed to compete in figure skating events. Thank God that times have changed.  

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