Monday, April 4, 2011


When these little transister radios came into being ,they were all the "rage". Walking down the street with this portable radio held up against our ear made us look "cool". The fact that it had a tinny sound quality and very little volume made no differance. We no longer had to hear the music our parents always had on the radio or record player. And if you had bought a "transister" with FM as well as AM, you had taken a step up in our little world.
Not that we ever listened to FM though. They still work nicely.

This one still has the original box. Neat eh?
Trivia: In 1970 the last assembly line producing transister radios in America shut down.

Did You Know?  The hyoid bone, just above the larynx, anchors the muscles of the tongue and is the only bone in the human body that doesn't touch any other.

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