Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This 1969 Plymouth Fury 1, is the vehicle my lovely wife, Karen, felt I should have. She knows how much I treasure the cars of the 50's and 6o's. We are the third registered owners. The Fury has never been winter driven. There is no rust on the car or on the undercarriage. This is the original paint job. The car is not really even broken in yet as it only has a bit over 48,000 miles on it. It still has the original trunk liner in perfect shape. We cruise around town and locality. I don't even drive it on rainy days. It's nice to see how the public appreciates seeing a car of this age in such remarkable condition. What is really "groovy" is the feel of the power pulsing thru and expelled by the dual Thrush mufflers. It purrs like a contented cat but springs away like a lion when needed. Love it. Thanks Baby!

Trivia: If you could drive to the sun at 60 mph, it would take 176 years...not including "pit stops".

Did You Know?   After spending 17 years building his own Lamborghini sports car in the cellar of his Wisconson home, a fellow realized that he had no way of getting it out. Undeterred, he built a ramp and hired a mechanical digger to gouge out a slope in his yard, even removing a section of his house's foundation. At the end of a delicate 3 hour operation, the new car finally emerged above ground.( Was it worth it? Duh, YES!)

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