Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Who'd have thought the Weird-Ohs set of 12 model kits, each depicting an individual of incredible weirdness, sold by the bezillions to become a 1960's phenomenon? I did. This is one of mine. Enjoy.

Trivia: Who did Walt Disney's animators give Marilyn Monroe's measurements to ? ...Tinker Bell
Did You Know?   William Heckler started his own flea circus in New York in 1900 with his son Roy at the forefront by 1925.When World War II restricted his intake of fleas, Roy started breeding his own. As circus director, Roy would regularly feed his little performers with his own blood, allowing them to help themselves to his "quality human blood" and perform to their maximum potential. Choosing to breed females over males, as they are twice the size, Heckler would train them using a horizontal glass tube to walk or crawl instead of jump. Once they had hit their heads a few times, they knew to stay low. (People actually paid to see these circuses)

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