Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yes I do. The stranger, the better. Some guys collect sports memorabilia. Some gather up old oil cans. I need items that spark an interest or start a conversation or debate . Karen ,after all these years, still tries to figure out how I stumble across these things. And  that is the answer. I STUMBLE ONTO THEM.
These are two wartime relics. One, is a 2nd world war grenade. And yes, it has been defused. It is heavier than it seems . When they detonate all Hell breaks loose. At least the fragments do, otherwise known as shrapnel. The other item is a deck of cards given to many of the soldiers so that in their "down time" when they play card games they will subconsciously memorize the faces of the people to look out for. Someone once said that fighting on the front lines is interspersed by long periods of boredom and moments of "sheer terror". It must wreak havoc on your nerves!

Question: What do Swiss steak and Russian dressing have in common? Both were invented in the U.S.

Did You Know?   In keeping with a tradition in Xi'an, China, that the brides feet should not touch the ground during the journey from home to the ceremony, a couple got married in midair in two large tractor digger buckets. The bride and two bridesmaids stood in one bucket, while the groom and two best men stood opposite them in a second bucket. ( This must have been on their "bucket list.") Nyuk, nyuk

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