Monday, May 23, 2011


We had a car show this weekend in our little town. It was nice to see how well taken care of these old autos are. This 1956 Mercury reminded me of the one I owned when I was 14. That was in 1966. I purchased it from a "shifty" guy who said he didn't need it anymore as he had bought a newer model. He said it would be a good car for me when I turned driving age of 16 in two more years. So I paid him my hard earned $25.00. Later that month another fellow offered to buy it from me. After some dickering over price we came to the agreement that he would pay me $60.00, his ownership of his 1951 Chevy Sedan Delivery (like a stationwagon only without windows along the sides) and his cowboy boots. He agreed. One week later he wanted the deal killed because the Mercury could not be driven safely as the frame was bent. I didn't know and he sure was mad. An older brother of mine was with me so I agreed to pay back $50.00 and his cowboy boots (they didn't fit me anyways) but still keep the 1951 Chevy. We put the 1951 Sedan Delivery to work by painting "Black Bart's Odd Jobs" on the sides with our phone number. We got some calls that paid us for taking trash to the dump. We soon stopped that as their were so many holes in the floorboards that the dust from country roads and the dump were choking us. I sure was learning fast in those days.

Trivia: The first vehicle to use inflateable rubber tires was Queen Victoria'scarriage in 1846.

Did You Know? A male traveler at Los Angeles International Airport, California,was found to have 14 live birds strapped to his legs under his pants. Customs officials became suspicious after spotting bird feathers and droppings on his socks, and tail feathers protruding beneath his pants.

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