Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Remember Roy Rogers dressed in white always defeating the bad guys dressed in black. His famous German Shepherd, Bullet,  his trusty golden palomino horse Trigger and his lovely wife Dale Evans were on the show with him. Roy was known as the "King of the Cowboys." Dale was referred to as the "Queen of the West". When Trigger died in 1965 Roy had him "stuffed" as the taxidemists say. In 2010 Trigger was sold at auction for$266,500.00. Not bad for a horse that can't even run a race. When Trigger was alive he could do 150 tricks on cue and could walk over 50 feet on his hind legs. I don't know how old these figures are but they caught my eye and I snatched them up . The chair Roy is perched on belongs to another toy set that will be in my next posting.

Trivia: The name of Roy Rogers Jeep was.......... Nellybelle.

Did You Know?   The worlds five smallest countries would easily fit inside of Walt Disney World in Florida.

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