Sunday, May 15, 2011


This pressed steel toy known as the Structo Auto Haulaway is in almost mint condition for its age. I can just imagine the exited faces of the boys that opened this up on their birthday or Christmas. Being 26 inches in overall length it has a good weight to it. As you can see this toy has been played with gently over the past 59 years.
Trivia: In the year 1800 there were about 1 billion people on Earth. Now there are more than 6 billion. They estimate that in November of this year, 2011,we will reach the 7 billion mark.( Condoms, anyone?)

Did You Know? After a truck carrying bottles of wine crashed and caught fire on a highway in Wamsutter, Wyoming, emergency crews came under attack from a hail of of corks as the bottles exploded in the heat.

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