Saturday, June 18, 2011


Remember the toys we used to get in our cereals. A lot of times we bought the cereal just to get the premium. When Mom wasn't looking we'd dump the cereal ( if we didn't like it)in the garbage or toilet. I didn't mind that it had no sugar because we could put in what we wanted to suit our taste. I still felt lucky because the neighbor boys that lived across the street from us didn't have cereal because their parents couldn't afford it . When I was waiting for them to finish their breakfast so we could walk to school together I noticed that they crushed up bread slices in a bowl and added milk. That was their cereal. My cereal was never dumped in the garbage after that. I sure had nothing to complain about then. It's funny how certain things just stick in your mind. And I'm glad they do.Rice Krispies has always been a favorite of mine. They had good commercials on TV. I got this watch in my travels and put a battery in and it worked.

Trivia: Most effective deterrent to house break-ins: "A noisy dog" thieves say.

Did you know?  Geographically, China falls into five different time zones- but officially the entire country adheres to the same time.

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