Saturday, June 11, 2011


Too Cool. Too Cool. Too Cool. This old bloodsucker better not get stopped by the cops. Just look at all his infractions. Drinking and driving. No seat belt. Exhaust emmissions are out of control. Probably doesn't have a drivers licence and his cell phone is probably under the dashboard. I don't think candles qualify as good headlights. Stop this monster before he spills more blood.
Trivia: In 1966 there actually was a movie called "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter". I bet that was romantic.

Did you know? When the Skylab space station fell to Earth over Western Australia in 1979, the community of Esperance fined the U.S.A. $400 for littering . The fine was paid 30 years later ,in April 2009, when radio show host Scott Barley of Highway Radio , based in Barstow ,California, raised the funds from his morning show listeners. He sent Esperance a check for the outstanding amount on behalf of NASA.

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