Monday, June 20, 2011


Mother's Day came into being in 1908. Two years later a woman felt that her father should also have a day set aside to celebrate his being a good father. This was contested over the years. In 1972 Father's Day was permanently established as the third Sunday in June by, none other than ,President Richard Nixon.
As we sat on our front deck in the waning hours of the day a good friend of mine, Michael ,sat down for a chat. Michael and his lovely wife Stephanie are almost mirror images of my wife and I. They also have five children that are in their thirties.When asked how his "Father's Day" was, a bit of a frown appeared on his lips. He stated that he and his wife feel like "afterthought parents." He felt that the children that do call (only three did) seem to leave it to the last minute. It bothers him now in his later years as he has always tried to help his children mentally, financially and lovingly. He saw some Fathers being treated to breakfast and given a card and a gift at the restaurant where they always have their Sunday breakfast. He wonders how that would feel. He mentioned that in his lifetime he always drove the two hour long trip to his Mom and Dad's , when they were alive, for those special days because he felt his Mother sure deserved it. He always brought along some flowers and a small gift for them on their special day. He even did it for his Dad even though he didn't like him much. As Michael says, "He wasn't worth a pinch of coon shit but it kept peace in the family for my beloved Mother."
Michael mentioned how his wife Stephanie helped the store where she works part time by aiding them in the flower department over the Mother's Day weekend. She was astounded at the number of people that came in to spend almost their last dime just to get their Mother a bouquet of some sort. Michael stated that she had "a wetness of the eyes" when she recalled that she never receives any. Michael sat there quietly. I let the moments pass. We listened to the cooing of the doves and the shrill cries of the bluebirds. A squirrel came over to grab a peanut out of my hand. Michael said, " I think I'll go home and hold Stephanies hand for awhile." He ambled away and I said a little prayer for them. " May the road you walk on from hereon in be a little bit of a downward grade so that the path you follow will be easier to tread."

Trivia:  The first VCR, made in 1956, was as big as a piano.( Glad we waited another 25 years)

Did You Know?  It takes about 0.3 seconds to blink.

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