Thursday, June 9, 2011


What a deal. For 25 cents a lady could get a repair kit for the corset she wore. I give a lot of credit to the women that put up with wearing these items to look pretty for us fellas.This company also sold Feminine Belts, Sanitary Panties, Brassiere Backs, Feminie Garters and Shoulder Straps.

Trivia: seventy per cent of the dust in your home is skin your family members (including pets) have shed. YUCK!!

Did you know? A $10.50 check signed by Neil Armstrong hours before he took off for the moon was sold for $27,350.00 at an auction in Amherst, New Hampshire ,in July 2009- 40 years to the day after it was written. Armstrong had written the check for money borrowed from a NASA manager in case anything happened to him on the lunar mission. Now that's a man that pays his debts.

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