Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The British always have a colorful way of explaining things. I guess whenever they ERECT a scaffold they let the people know that it is just temporary so don't take it down. I have explained this term to my lovely wife many times over the years but she still won't let me nail this on our bedroom door. Nyuck, nyuck.

Trivia: As a person ages, the first sense to go is the sense of smell.

Did you know?  The idea of a pirate burying treasure is a myth. No pirate would have trusted his captain to bury his loot for him. According to pirate expert Robert Ritchie, "The men who turned to piracy did so because they wanted money. As soon as possible after capturing a prize they insisted on dividing the loot, which they could then gamble with or carry home. The idea of burying booty on a tropical island would have struck them as insane." It makes sense to me.

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