Saturday, July 23, 2011


Great immagination in coming up with these silly creations. They were a joy to have as a kid. I collect them now as when I was young my overly religious father thought they were sinful and a waste of money. For 19 cents they were a bargain. It's cute how he still has a fish biting his rear end after 48 years. Enjoy.

Trivia: The only animal with only one ear is the praying mantis. Now we know what he is praying for.

Did You Know? At the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair, a German publishing company started a new advertising craze by attaching very small banners to flies and letting them loose around the halls of the fair. Eichorn, whose logo is a fly, decided to attach the lightweight banners with the phrase, "The Publisher of the Fly"to 200 flies to promote their advertising kiosk. The banners were attached using string and wax which would fall off naturally without harming the fly. However, the flies did have some difficulty staying in the air and kept landing on the people all over the convention.

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