Monday, July 11, 2011


As I had mentioned earlier, I helped a breadman deliver baked goods to homes on a bread route as a child starting at the age of twelve. Bob was his name. On the side he would also cater to parties of his friends and army buddies. He asked if I could help him at a party after work one Saturday. He would pay me two dollars for my assistance so I agreed. After we did the bread route that day we gathered up everything that was needed at his home. He had a lot of little pails full of pig tails. This was something new to me. Anyway, we drove out to a small town called Inglewood out in the country. Bob started preparing and cooking what was needed. When it came time to feeding this group of party people we did it outside as it was a great night to party outside. I was asked to start  carrying a platter of cooked pig tails around and ask if anyone wanted some. Coming from a family with a "bible thumping" father I was pretty naive as I soon found out. I could not understand why people were giggling and having a good laugh when I asked, as I walked to individual party goers , if they would like "a piece of tail". I was confused but the people were nice to me anyways. It was a few weeks later when my friends informed me what a "piece of tail" meant. I laugh about it now. It was a part of growing up. Also at this party the group used drink stir sticks in the shape of naked women. These were called "cocktail sticks". Some were Hawaian, Polynesian and African. The ones I have here are known as the "Ubangi Women" stir sticks.They are probably not politically correct now. In my travels I did find some so they are pictured here. The number indicates the shape of the women at certain ages.Thanks for looking.

Trivia: A blue whales sound can be heard from more than 500 miles away. So could my ex.

Did You Know?  At the San Juan Fiesta,held in Ciudadela, Menorca. each June, large crowds of people gather to hurl hazelnuts at each other. Every time a nut hits another person, it is said to represent a kiss. What a bunch of romantic nuts.

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