Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Kinder eggs. Some years back I started buying "Kinder Eggs" as a stocking stuffer for the kids and grandkids at Christmas time. As soon as I saw what was inside the eggs my lovely wife Karen noticed that they interested me. Well, guess what? The following Chrismas, Birthday, Fathers Day, Easter and etcetera I started getting these wonderful little eggs as a bonus to my other goodies. I think I got more enjoyment out of building the little creations in the eggs than the grandkids did. The chocolate egg itself is "scrump-diily- ishious."
Trivia: Emergency calls: In the U.S. you dial 911; in Stockholm, Sweden, you dial 90000.

Did You Know?  An apartment block in Lvov, Ukraine, has a crossword puzzle 100 ft (30 m) high filling the whole of one external wall. Clues to the crossword- which is 19 squares across and 34 squares high - are scattered around the city's major landmarks and at night fluorescent letters placed inside every square are turned on to reveal the solution. Neat eh?

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