Friday, August 5, 2011


My lovely wife and I have been on holidays this past two weeks. We visited with my older brother Art and his terrific wife Phyllis near Picton, Ontario where I was born 6 weeks after my family arrived here from Holland. It was good to see them. Phyllis's sister June showed up also and that was a nice surprise. Art was a barber before he retired so it was nice to get a good haircut from him. Art and I have the Dutch distinction of being tall as the pictures will show. My wife Karen is in the pink outfit and Phyllis is in the green. 

Trivia: Pirates thought that wearing an earring in a pierced ear improved their eyesight. (and all these years I thought wearing a patch on an eye improved their hearing) Oh well.

Did You Know? Canada has an estimated two million lakes, covering approximately 7.6 percent of the country's landmass.

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