Saturday, August 20, 2011


These are player piano music rolls from the early 1900's. The player piano had an attachment that read the roll and actuated the keys of the piano. Very inventive in its time. They are still produced today and sold around the world. One company called Vocalstyle, founded in 1906, was the first to print song lyrics on the roll so a person or group could view them and sing along with the piano ministrations. To keep your warranty on the rolls, you had to place them in their boxes, in a cabinet containing a basin of water, during the winter months. This would prevent expansion and contraction of the paper. I know everyone out there always wanted to know this info , so now you have it. Thanks for looking.

Trivia: What U.S. symbol was first used as a television test pattern? Answer: A dollar sign. $$$$$

Did You Know? Hikers walking in a forest near Landshut, Germany found a mysterious looking bone. The police were summoned and it was found to be a hip bone with artificial joints.They could see no other remains, until they spotted a skeleton in a fir tree 36 feet above them. Investigations concluded that a 69 year old man had committed suicide when he climbed up the tree 30 years earlier and roped himself to a branch. He managed this despite having hip replacements, as the tree was then much shorter. As the tree grew, his bones fell to the ground. 

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