Saturday, August 27, 2011


These replicas of fire engines of the 1920's give a person a good idea of what these brave firefighters had to work with. I once came very close to being burned in a car accident on September 10th, 1980. You never forget the date of these life altering events. ( May 27th posting, THAT LIFE CHANGING DAY FOR ME). I didn't mention the following event in that posting as there was a lot more I could dwell on ,but I would be remiss if my writings did not mention the man that helped to save my life that day. The accident had just occured and a trucker named Jack Turley saw that flames were shooting up between my legs from under the passenger seat. Luckily I was unconscious. Jack flew back to his semi transport for his fire extinguisher and crawled over the dead body of my friend Ian to put out the flames. It was a sad day but reflecting back to that time it is nice to know that there are people willing to risk their life to save another.MY EVERLASTING THANKS TO JACK TURLEY.

Trivia: Three U.S. towns are named Santa Claus.

Did You Know? A calf born with three nostrils on a farm in Cheiry, Switzerland became so popular because of her extra nasal feature that her owner guaranteed her a home at the farm instead of being sent to market with the other calves.( Just goes to show that sometimes when you stick your nose into things ,good things can happen.)

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