Saturday, August 6, 2011


This old bracelet was probably worn by a Flapper or a wishful wanna-be starlet at some point in time. It was a wild and wooly era. World War 1 was over and Germany was defeated. The world was just beginning to move forward in leaps and bounds compared to the many previous centuries. Autos were becoming more available to the public due to the newfangled assembly line approach to building things in a fast way. Syphyllitic Alphonse Capone was distributing his alcohol to a dry society in his climb up the gangster ladder of infamy. The stock market crashed in this decade and brought on the Great Depression of the 1930's. But at least the hopefuls had a little item of jewellery, cheap though it may have been, to dream of a better future. Ahh, dreams, don't we just love them. I will hang on to this because it was treasured greatly by some girl or woman, long gone by now, for her dreams and wishes.

Trivia: Question: What do Cleopatra and John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln assassin) have in common?
          Answer:   Nobody knows where they are buried.

Did You Know? In an attempt to combat vandalism,the council of Klaipeda, Lithuania announced that all public toilets in the town would automatically lock in customers if they took longer than five minutes inside. ( Glad I can write fast and dump at the same time)

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