Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The weather was ideal for a street race today.I remember when we would all go out in the country on a not well travelled road and measure out a quarter mile stretch to race on. Well today was a good time to do just that. Roy Rogers was there to wave the winner on. Some guys always thought it was a good time to polish their wheels as there were a lot of girls at these races.

The contestants for the race are as follows:

     Daddy the Way Out Suburbanite
     Huey's Hut Rod
     Mama B. and Baby
     Frankenstein's Flivver
     Endsville Eddie
     Digger the Dragster
     Mummy's Chariot
     Wolfman's Wagon
     The Sooper Surfer
     The Drag Hag
     Dracula's Dragster
     King Kong's Thronester

On you mark, Get set------GOOOO

Now the race is on
And here comes Frankenstein's Flivver in the backstretch
Dracula's Dragster goin' to the inside
Daddy the Way Out Suburbanite is holdin' back
Tryin' not to stall
King Kong's Thronester is out of the running(flat tire)
Huey's Hut Rod is scratched for another race
The race is on and the Wolfman's Wagon
Is the winner and takes it all

Trivia: In Boise, Idaho's 1985 mayoral election, Mr. Potatohead received four write-in votes.
Did You Know ? The Austrian town of Raschala has a plaque on a stone where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once stopped to urinate by the side of the road. Each year, so many visitors flock to see the Mozart Pinklestein ("Mozart pee-stone") that the town has now arranged a festival of music and drinking in memory of the composer's unscheduled visit.

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