Thursday, September 22, 2011


Our grandson Nate is having a birthday party for his 7th year. It turns out that there will be a reptile show in the backyard. Nate loves these things. I, on the other hand, DO NOT!! Maybe I've repressed a bad incident from my childhood or something (I'll use any excuse) but I detest snakes. Mayhaps it is from my Bible School learnings--- remember Adam and Eve and the snake!! Anyway, I sat with all the children to hear what the fellow was teaching us about reptiles and then showing us the creatures afterward. Well, wouldn't you know it, he brings out this damn, humungous 14 foot Python. Everyone there must have thought I was brave because I still sat there. NOT! That devil of a snake had me hypnotized so that I would not move. PURE EVIL!  I no longer blame Eve of Eden for what she did by accepting that apple. The snake handler asked the children if they would like to have the Python over their neck. A majority of them said ,YESSS. Nate was first since he is the birthday boy. I watched as these little kids smiled having this monster wrapped around their tiny throats. I could not have my grandchildren see that their Grandpa (6 foot 5)was a sissy so I marched right up to the fellow and in a faltering voice said," It's my turn". My wife ran for the camera. She could not believe I would do that as she knew my fear. I DID IT! Would I do it again? No, once is enough. Enjoy.
P.S. : The Python birthday cake was delicious that our daughter Steph had made.
Trivia: Queen bees don't use their stingers--except to kill other queen bees.

Did You Know? A Kenyan man escaped from a python by biting it after the snake had wrapped him up in its coils and dragged him up a tree. During the three hour struggle, Ben Nyaumbe smothered the snakes head with his shirt to prevent it from swallowing him and then bit the python on the tip of its tail.

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