Saturday, October 22, 2011


A very classic toy car from the middle of the twentieth century. Little boys had a terrific fun time playing with this toy as it made them feel like they were actually the Fire Chief in command of their men and fire trucks. Another nice feature of this particular vehicle is the fact that the wheels on this toy are wooden. Other similar cars like this one had rubber wheels. After 6 or seven decades this car still scoots around nicely after being wound up and let go on the floor. Many toys nowadays can't last a month. Maybe that's why this toy (originally priced around 25 cents) is now worth over a hundred dollars. Enjoy.
  Trivia: Fully fifty percent of the Netherlands (my heritage country) including its two largest cities, lie below sea level.                                                      
Did You Know? A German company has invented a range of contact lenses for animals that suffer from cataracts, a condition that invariably leaves them blind. Among animals that may be treated are lions, giraffes,bears, sea lions,kangaroos and tigers.