Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well, here it is my 60th birthday and Mr. Machine comes wrapped up nicely to brighten this winters day. My wife sure knows how to make my day special. This toy is a 1977 model. They were originally made in the 1960's. I remember seeing them for sale on television but never saw any in our Canadian stores. Only in the U.S.A. I guess.
When wound up Mr. Machine rolls forward . His legs and arms go back and forth as if he was actually walking. His mouth goes up and down as he strolls along because he also whistles on his stroll. The tune he whistles is:
                 This old man, he played one
                 He played Knick Knack on his thumb
                 With a Knick Knack patty-whack
                 Give the dog a bone
                 This old man came rolling home
I received other things also but memories are special and greatly treasured. Thanks Babe.
Trivia: Orchids release a chemical that makes bees drunk. (I always wondered how they got a "buzz" on.)

Did You Know?  To beat the economic crisis, many women in Spain have started selling their hair. Depending on the length and weight, a ponytail can be worth up to $220 when sold to a company that exports natural hair for wigs and extensions.

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