Monday, December 5, 2011


Brenda, a friend of ours, came across this old toothbrush and paste travel tin and gave it to me as she knows that I collect some weird items. It measures 2.25 inches by 3 inches. It contains a tube of Pepsodent toothpaste and two tiny brushes on the inside. It also has a tiny mirror when you open it up. The contents  have never been used so it is in perfect condition. The outside of the case has a golden metallic finish. Etched into this finish is a picture of two toothbrushes and a tube of paste surrounded by etched leaves and the words" Toothbrushes 'n paste". Not sure how old it is but it seems to be pre 1950's. Some classy lady probably kept it in her purse for emergency sake. Maybe she was waiting for a handsome fellow to sweep her off her feet and spend the night. But since it was never used that did not happen and she died an old maid. Ah, but I digress. Anyways you can put your own story to its unuse.
The toothpaste is Pepsodent. I remember using it when I was young. It was a very popular brand before the mid-1950's, but its makers were slow to add fluorideto to its formula. So sales plummeted. It is now a "value brand" selling for about half the price of similar sized tubes of Crest or Colgate. It is not sold in Canada and only .99 per cent is sold in U.S. discount stores. It is popular in India.
Remember the catchy selling slogan.
  "You'll wonder where the yellow went
   When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent"

Trivia:  In golf lingo, a putt on a hilly green is called a "Dolly parton."

Did You Know?  A turtle with 2 heads and six legs was named Cheech and Chong.

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