Monday, January 2, 2012


My lovely wife's passionate hobby is sewing and especially making quilts. She is very proficient at whatever she endeavors to do with her favorite crafts. Over the past few years we have upgraded her sewing machine purchases because she gets better and more skilled in her love of quilting. She was introduced to quilts by our oldest daughter, Melanie, about seven years ago. My wife took to quilting like a duck takes to water. I am amazed at the end product of her cutting, sewing and pieceing of her materials. We had just purchased a top of the line machine a month or two before Christmas so I would joke with her that she shouldn't expect a new machine under the tree this year. Until I came across this old (50-60 years) dollhouse toy. It was made by the Renwal toy company that made these in the 1940 to 1950's era. This toy is known as SEWING MACHINE #89. It has a blue flip top, inside pop up red sewing machine, spin the yellow wheel and the needle moves up and down, two front pull out drawers and a yellow bottom treadle. It is awsome for its time. I have also included some of her quilts because they are terrific. Enjoy.

Trivia:  All spiders are cannibals.

Did You Know?   The ears and nose are the only things on the human body that keep growing your entire lifetime. (Remember Jimmy Durante?)

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