Tuesday, April 3, 2012


                                               ODE TO CURVETTE

Curvette, Curvette-tall, slim, young,
   Oh Curvette, you are a pearl
And there are others just like you
   All caught up in the dragstrip whirl

You are there to help your man
   To cheer, to yell, to scream, to sigh
And when his car finishes last
   We often see you cry

Your's is a waiting game
   Complete with sacrifices and all
Because he worked on his car
   You missed the high school ball

But there are compensations
   To the game you wish to play
Like when he's top eliminator
   You are Queen that day

Sometimes you even make the magazines
   Oh yes, we see you next to the car
And with those stretch pants, funny eyes,
   high hair----yes, you'll go far

But as we watch we wonder
   To whom are you really true?
Is it to him, dear Curvette
   Or is it to only you????
Trivia: In the 1800's people segregated their books by the sex of the author.

Did You Know? Rabbits can see forward and backward at the same time. ( They probably use bunny-noculars)

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