Monday, September 3, 2012


Remember when we used to go pop bottle collecting so that we could get a few cents to buy penny candies. I do. A friend of mine from California recently reminded me of the times when we would walk along the sides of well travelled roads searching for bottles that were thrown from car windows. Two cents was the worth of each bottle. Five bottles would pay for a chocolate bar or 20 blackballs. Mountain Dew bottles were a favorite back then in the 1950's and 60's. I came across this bottle a few weeks ago at a Flea market. A lot of us kids bought this pop because of the silly commercials on TV. This is for you Bobby of California. This bottle was filled by Jim and Clara.

Trivia:   Question; What is a natal cleft?
            Answer: The medical term for butt-crack.

Did you know?  When prospector Ed Schieffelin told a soldier he wanted to prospect for silver in an area controlled by Apaches, the soldier laughed and told him the only thing he'd find there was his own tombstone. When he found a giant vein of silver in 1878, Schieffelin named the mining camp Tombstone to spite the soldier. That is how Tombstone, Arizona came to be named.