Monday, February 11, 2013


I was jusr about to start reading an old "Western" paperback book when this coupon fell out of the pages. It was probably used by the last reader as a page marker. I recognized this coupon because I saw them when they first came out in 1971. It is interesting to see that if you purchased $3.00 worth of fuel you would receive a coupon. When you had 4 coupons you would turn them in to get a 9 ounce "Old Fashioned" glass. WOW!! Three dollars of gas at that time was equal to about 10 gallons. Nowadays three dollars will get you about one half gallon. The times they are a changing.

Did You Know ?  A man's brain is 2% of his body weight and a woman's is 2.5% ? Is there a hidden meaning in this maybe?

Trivia: Sharks cannot swim backwards. (They never met my ex.)